The mission of the Program for Assistive Technologies for Underprivileged (PATU) is to allow students to practice engineering skills while they develop strong communication and teamwork skills, gain global perspective, and learn social responsibility through projects for persons with disabilities that otherwise could not afford assistance.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Better than a postcard

When you think of postcards, you think of them capturing the beautiful scenery of a location so you can send it to your friends...perhaps to make them feel a bit jealous?  Well, just as a warning, everything you are about to see below is better than a postcard, and WILL make you jealous!  Today was absolutely AMAZING.  We got to hike through the forest to get to secluded beaches nestled between cliffs and take gorgeous pictures.  We also watched natives complete their artwork using local materials to sell at the artisan market.  Thank you, muito obrigada, for a wonderful day, Fabricio! 

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  1. Beautiful!! Love reading about your trip-so many neat and inspiring things!!