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Monday, May 21, 2018

Industry of the Green Coast

Day 3--it seems the primary industry of the region we are in (the Green Coast, near Rio) is quite different than that of our previous Brazil trips (in the Northeast it is mostly Cacau/agriculture and tourism).

Today we visited VALE, a company that mines ore in a state north of Rio and transports it to areas around the world at the port in or near Itaguai. We took a boat to an island where this all happens, and got to see some very large machinery used to move iron ore from train cars arriving from the north, to the storage areas, and then on to large ships.

Today's reflection: Many of the companies we have visited (and will visit) state their dedication to the environment and humanity. How does this compare to companies in the US? Do you think they are truly dedicated to this cause? Why or why not? Check out the Wikipedia page for Vale for supporting evidence.

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