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Friday, June 5, 2015

A day to relax, reflect, and experience new things

Thursday, June 4, was a holiday in Brazil (Body of Christ, celebrating the death of Jesus).  It was sort of a "free day" for us, but it was a great opportunity for everyone to relax, reflect, and experience new things.

Many students explored Ilheus and Itabuna with their hosts.  It was great to see all of the different Facebook posts as they ventured out!  Ally got to go paddleboarding.  Victoria went to a cacau plantation. Several students went to a festival celebrating the holiday.  A few students and their host families also came to the hotel and walked on the beach, swam in the ocean, and played games with Katie and Chloe. Overall it was a very fun day!  

Of course, we also did some work. It was time to organize all of the donations! Students went through each of our 20+ suitcases and organized them so we are all ready to go on Monday morning.

Then in the evening Marcelo took those of us who were around (Katie, Chloe, Ally, Geordon, and I), downtown for a little tour of Ilheus.  We stopped at the Jesus Christo statue and took some photos...and were easily pegged as tourists as people approached us just to practice their English :)  It was a fun experience though!

Then we walked around the square.  It was really cool to see the "carpet" that was created for the march for the holiday.

Then we had dinner.  We had a "plate of meat" and boy was it delicious!

Today we head to Itacare to experience the jungle and beach.  I will be back with updates on Sunday.  Tchiao!

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