The mission of the Program for Assistive Technologies for Underprivileged (PATU) is to allow students to practice engineering skills while they develop strong communication and teamwork skills, gain global perspective, and learn social responsibility through projects for persons with disabilities that otherwise could not afford assistance.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chachaca manufacturing

Cachaca is the liquor of Brazil, made from sugarcane and used in Caipirinha's, the delicious Brazilian drink.  We visited a Cachacaria, Rio do Engenho, to see how it is produced.  It was very rainy and muddy, but interesting to see the processes, learn about the cachaca, and taste it!  For the afternoon we went to downtown Ilheus.

Day 8 reflection: Ilheus is A sister city to Davenport. Sister cities are similar in size and population. As you experienced downtown Ilheus today, compare and contrast Davenport and Ilheus.

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